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The Spanish ART CLUB


Our Spanish Art Club offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish through art led by a native teacher and artist. It's a chance to develop two subjects simultaneously, perfect for enhancing Spanish listening skills, vocabulary, and everyday expressions.


suitable from reception to Y6


Explore a world where art and language come together! In our club, kids learn Spanish in a fun, relaxed atmosphere while discovering a wealth of vocabulary from Spanish and global artists. With our unique method, they enjoy both learning and creativity, all in one place. Bring this enriching experience to your school or nursery and watch your children thrive!

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Benefits of Our Spanish Art Class for Kids:

  • Dual Learning: Master Spanish while honing artistic skills. 

  • Language and Art: Improve Spanish fluency while expressing creatively.

  • Cross-subject Mastery: Learn language and art concepts simultaneously. 

  • Cognitive Development: Enhance mental agility through bilingual art activities.

  • Creative Communication: Express ideas in Spanish through artistic projects. 

  • Comprehensive Growth: Develop language and artistic proficiency together.

  • Multifaceted Engagement: Engage in diverse learning experiences through language and art integration.  

  • Holistic Education: Combine language and art for a well-rounded learning journey..

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