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Creative Art Camp

From 10th-14th April 2023

Week 2
from 10th-14th April

St Stephens Church Hall Westbourne Park Rd, St Stephen's Cres, London W2 5QT


M A P - L O C A T I O N 


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If you live near to North/West/Central/ London probably you should be hearing about our Creative Camps. We build an artistic environment where students can naturally discover their true passions. Educational and fun art projects related to arts, environment, social conscience, global challenges, and future technology among others. 

Our holiday art camps for kids are an unforgettable art experience full of Imagination and learning. Enrol your kids on this magical art adventure!
We also would be very happy to organise one of our Super Art camps for kids in your local area or near you, just give us a call!! We would love to hear your ideas!

Ale & David



  • Bookings: All bookings will be confirmed by email.​

  • 10% discount for siblings and groups (+4 kids) 

  • The half-day option is not available in this campHalf-day £38, from 10 to 12:30 or 12:30 to 3 pm. Not a discount on this option.

  • Limited places. 

  • Pre-booking essential.

  • You can retrieve your missing day at our next Art Camp. Please note prices may increase from one year to the next.

  • If you give us at least 10 days' notice before the date(s) you would like to cancel, we will refund all monies paid.

  • Our Camps accept payment by credit or debit card via Transfer Bank.

  • If you give us 7 or more days’ notice you will be able to change your dates, subject to availability, free of charge.

  • Complete joining form and full payment must be paid 3 days before attending camp, or your child will be unable to attend camp.

  • Please allow 10 working days to process refunds.

  • Venue Cancellation: In exceptional circumstances, we may have to cancel particular dates, in this event, we will try to give those booked onto the program at least 10 days’ notice and will offer a suitable alternative if one is available, or refund all monies paid for the dates canceled if preferred.

  • All children MUST be collected by 3 pm.

  • If for any reason you are unable to collect it by 3 pm, we ask that you call the Art Camp Manager David as soon as possible.

  • Insurance: All children and art teachers in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

  • Notice of Absence: If a child is not attending a scheduled day on camp, parents/carers must telephone the Art Camp Manager David to allow us to update records.

  • Photography and Video: Please be aware that Creativity ArtWorkshops occasionally take photographs/videos of children on camp for promotional and informational material. Please advise the Camp Manager David at registration, if you have any objections.

  • Behaviour Code of Conduct: Creative Art Camps encourages a relaxed atmosphere on Camp and aims to promote positive behavior at all times.

  • Upon booking you agree that your child or children will:

    • Respect the property of others

    • Be patient, honest, fair, and polite to others

    • Not use abusive or obscene language

    • Not be aggressive in the way they speak or behave towards others

    • Respect and treat others as they would wish to be treated

  • Data Protection: We will use your details to contact you via email or text for future information about our services. We don't share any of our database with any other company.




About the teacher    Belen Duarte

Multifaceted artist, from Barcelona based in London since 2014. I like to combine all my skills in my art and I find my inspiration in what moves within us as a feeling, in an image, in a lifetime experience. I love to create anytime!

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique! Just like everyone else” Margaret Mead


About the teacher    Martina  Lodesani


Martina is a London based artist with a Degree in Academy of fine Art of Bologna, a city famous for the historical and prestigious universities and where a lot of Italian artists started from. 
She loves to keep her creativity active and fresh everyday.
Her goal is working with her passions and transmitting to the younger generations the love for arts and creativity.

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 16.24_edited.png

About the teacher    Leticia 

Hi, my name is Letícia and I am part of Creativity Art Workshops team. I’m an artist from Brazil specialised in traditionally and digitally Illustration and animation.

I think it’s important to keep innovating, so I’m really happy to take on new styles and challenges. 


About the teacher    Hannah Botma

I am an illustrator of all sorts, from branding to children’s books, with a love for plants and dinosaurs. Always 10 points extra when someone hides a teeny dino in their drawing during class.



About the teacher    Kayla Fletcher

I have established a real sense of purpose in the ways that I am able to support and transform a child’s education in a positive way by assisting them in opening their innate senses to new discoveries and explorations through the world of the arts, nature and the magic of appreciating the moment.

Illustrated Princess

About the teacher   Valentina

I am artist and cake designer with eagerness to gain knowledge and experience. Inspired by and searching for all forms of self expression.The Art world is more than a passion for me, it is my purpose.


Growth Mindset




Environment awareness

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