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One person who comes in contact with the artistic process in their learning phase stimulates creativity, initiative, imagination, emotional intelligence and the ability to think critically. This art education is the best method to encourage innovation qualities present in all human beings, which can be cultivated and applied in every aspect of our society.


Through arts education and the creative process, we contribute to developing, as professor Antonio Damasio also agrees with, the balance between emotional and cognitive development, encouraging a culture of peace. We guide the students with tools and artistic challenges resulting in singular art pieces.


Each of us is born with a unique and unrepeatable artistic sense. We investigate this singularity via creativity and artistic sense. Every child demonstrates talent in a different way. Because we are all different, we aim to find this talent and strengthen it through participation in the arts, enabling each child to use their creative singularity to find solutions, to be confident and enjoy the world of art.


After participating in our workshops, both children and adults become more interested in discovering things for themselves, open to new challenges and ideas and generate creative solutions to any situation, not to mention the increased interest in art-related topics.





We research the raw artistic process. That is, the unique and unrepeatable way to each individual to develop any activity, artistic or not, giving priority to the process itself.  


That is to say; it is a lot less important if you copy something with a good or bad result, or almost irrelevant than if you create something horrible, disproportionate to nature, supposedly opposed to the conventional concept of beauty or order, but created from innocence in the case of children, or for adults as innocence is a virtue that is lost as we mature and grow into adults.


As the great pianist and educator Bill Evans says, honesty in the process of creation is much more important than the result itself. That process is what makes you a musician (painter, writer, etc.) The process is what is defensible as art or, where art may have a different value to a mathematical equation whose beauty is indisputable, but whose access is very limited.


In the artistic process, the paths are infinite and must be almost unexplored, preferably virgins, to really get an honest communication with yourself, and to perform a singular and collective work (the collective archetypes of humanity) at a time.



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