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In Creativity Art Workshops we believe in the power of creativity and culture as one. Our aim is to discover the individual talents of each child, creating an artistic environment where the students can naturally discover their true passions. Our methodology develops kids' creative thinking skills through an educational method created by the co-founders Alexandra Soto and David Saavedra. Our programme involves problem-solving strategies, growth mindset techniques and environmental awareness through unique ART projects.

Our Popular Holiday camps and creative courses in London for children are full of inspirational projects and educational themes. Discover Art at home ,we will bring our unique and tailored art classes to your place. 

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Art you looking for "art classes near to me" stop searching and try our customise art classes at your place! 

Your little ones will enjoy an art class lead by a professional art tutor who will bring a mobile art studio to your place. A unique art experience for your kids and families.

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Week 1 Easter Camp 2023 Themes.gif

Join us next Easter 2023 at our venue in W2 and W10! The best creative art projects for kids in London.

Enrol your kids in our popular Holiday Art Camp! A unique art experience, full of creativity and imagination. 
Our venues are across North Kensington, Notting Hill and Bayswater locations!

Hurry up! Limited places.


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Our popular online art classes are perfect to develop your children's creative skills through arts.

Available for 1:1, 2:1 and group classes.
Gather a group and we'll do the rest!

Let's create!



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Our courses are completely customised to explore arts & culture with students favourite topics. We believe that a custom education enriches our creative programme and the student's learning process, helping to boost their achievement and developing capabilities in the formal and informal curriculum.

We encourage a cluster of five creative habits in all our courses, - being imaginative, persistent, inquisitive, collaborative and disciplined. Despite all our courses work on this multi-dimensional concept, the one more accurate and focusing on the matter would be the Creative Thinking club but, of course, the ideal comprehensive education would be the experience of different artistic disciplines. 


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Zoom Art for kids
Pink and Tan Flowers Modern Artisan Busi

Private Creative Art, Music, Drama and Languages courses & Creative Thinking group clubs.


Art course for kids

Welcome to our virtual  and mobile art studio. We offer a tailored educational programme where art students have the opportunity to explore arts with their favourite topics and to develop creativity,  self-esteem and confidence. 

Our outstanding private art sessions include extra educational resources. A unique virtual place completely customised with your children's themes Art concepts related with their projects to keep our students busy during the week and share their creative projects with family and friends.

Art courses available online and in-person.

Areas: Notting Hill, Central London, Kensington and Chelsea areas.

Music course for kids

Spanish course for kids

Students will learn the Spanish language, with a native Spanish teacher. They will learn Spanish in a fun and educational way through creative projects, games, music and much more. A private area on our website will be 24 hours available with virtual resources, creative exercises, videos, and songs to keep practising during the week and for maximum enjoyment with the whole family.
Classes divertidas y muy educativas!

Art courses available online and in-person.

Areas: Notting Hill, Central London, Kensington and Chelsea areas.

Highly experienced teachers and professional musicians developing well-structured, fun, and creative lessons, including a private area with exercise resources such as video tutorials and songs.



Creative CLUB for kids

WEEKLY GROUP SESSIONS at primary schools & private tuition

We develop every term a creative programme where children have the opportunity to develop their creative skills through problem-solving art projects related to the environment, global challenges, and contemporary themes among others. Our Creative Club is very popular in schools as it complements the general core courses, helping students with important concepts: disciplined, imaginative, inquisitive, persistent and collaborative.

Looking for a new slot? Just gather a group and we will provide an enriching and creative virtual art experience.



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In Creativity Art Workshops we offer weekly term-time art clubs for kids.

  • Creative Method and inspirational art projects.

  • Virtual creative classes and students' profile.

  • Qualified & experienced teachers.

  • Creative thinking, Art, Drama, Music and Spanish courses.

  • From 4 to 16 years old.

Ale & David Creativity Art Workshops


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Katrien Deckers

My 6 year old son has been getting 1:1 classes @Creativityartworkshops all through lockdown. The teacher is amazing and so encouraging. Each week the two of them decide what next week’s class will centre around so the topics are always things that interest him (pirates, space, Minecraft) and a new art technique is taught/shown. The class has worked really well over zoom and we will continue after lockdown. Each child has a “homepage” that has all their work, step by step instructions for some techniques and highlights interesting artists.


Highly recommend!

Caroline Brown

If you want to transport your creativity into art, you are in the right place. My son has ADHD, and so he is gifted with a great artistic imagination. I was searching for a supportive art class where this could be nurtured. Creative art workshops matched my son with a teacher whose art interests were the same (anime). Caroline Brown

(satisfied mum)
My son wrote
‘Hannah is really patient with me and she is great at explaining the different techniques and skills for anime, this gives me the confidence to try new things and this is inspiring’.

Cal age 11

Laila Charlton-Meyrick

7.5-year-old daughter has had the most wonderful experience with Creative Art Workshops. The 1:1 art classes on-line and in person, when possible have been fantastic. She comes alive during these sessions and is fully engaged for the entire class. The teaching style is very professional and equally very fun. The resources they use are superior to anything I have seen and the way they encourage creativity is commendable. They also create a private personal page, where they capture all her work and additional resources for my daughter to use in her own time. The attention to detail is amazing. Would highly recommend this company to all my friends and family... in fact, I have already 😊.

Yogita Ahuja
Absolutely love the team @ Creativity Art Workshops.  My daughter has been doing Spanish Lessons with Lucia and she absolutely loves her lessons and looks forward to it every week.  Thank you for making learning so fun ***** 5 stars all the way!!!

Elena Oozherelieva

My 5-year-old son is doing a private 1 to 1 Spanish lesson and he is very happy and looking forward to every class. I had to increase the session time - that how much he is enjoying his time learning Spanish. Thank you for making it fun and enjoyable.

Shabnam Hariri
They are wonderful !!! Super supportive and full of new ideas!!! My son enjoys the "Art classes at home" !!!

Lindsay Trombley

We love Creativity ArtWorkshops! My 5-year-old has attended their after-school classes for a while now and he loves them. The Spanish immersion is an extra bonus; it's so great to find a class he loves so much that also immerses him in Spanish! When our daughter is old enough we will begin sending her to these classes as well. Highly recommend!

Virginie Evans

My older daughter loved attending David and Ale’s after-school club in the School. My younger boys now LOVE their half-term Creative camps! They can let their imagination go wild, which is fantastic!

Marisa David

We love these guys! Our kids do a weekly Spanish club with them and also attend the school holiday art camps- I had to drag them away at the end of each day. They had endless fun and loved all the teachers. I would highly recommend them.

Megan Zafereo

Ale and David are spectacularly creative and bring the children right along with them. Children leave with a huge smile and a bag of artwork that they are proud of- often 3D creations or mixed media. My eldest attended a graffiti party that went down a storm! I can’t recommend Creativity ArtWorkshops enough for weekly classes, holiday camps, or private events.

Leah & Woody

My son and his friends loved the workshop this half term, they came back inspired, positive and motivated and wanted to carry on practising the skills they had learned. All in all a brilliant day, I'm just sorry we didn't book the whole week! Will definitely book again, thank you, David and Ale!

Ben Evans
Thank you for a wonderful art experience CAW team! Having private art classes at my place with art at home is been one of my best decisions this year. Stop searching for Children's art classes near me and try this wonderful service your little ones will never forget.

Suzy Nealon
Thanks, guys for all the amazing Creative art camps and the after School Club at Chepstow House School. Both my boys enjoy art and activities and I know they are in good hands too. I highly recommend it!!!!

Jo Howe
The team at Creativity Art Workshops is amazing!! So creative and friendly and very educational as well. Both my children love attending the art camps and I would highly recommend them!

Maria Garrido
Creativity Art Workshops is a place to grow and develop creativity in any form, even when learning a new language. Kids are having fun while learning a new skill there is no time to get bored! It's amazing to see how kids can get so immersed in the art camps and after school clubs.


I can't stress enough with words how great their after school lessons and workshops are. The kids love it, they e end up leaving with their creations and full of happiness and excitement. I can assure you, your kids will want to repeat again and again!

Who wouldn't like to be an adventurer and save the planet from the evil climate change with your recycled machine able to transform the smoke in seeds? Or design your own constellation and take it home in a jar full of glitter and your custom planets?

Each lesson is carefully designed to teach your kid about art and develop their critical skills with the help of experts bilingual teachers.

Emily Halban

This is by far one of the most creative, inspiring, and original art workshops I’ve ever come across. The team is so dedicated, so passionate and the atmosphere is one of absolute no judgment.

Just happiness in artistic immersion at its best.

M. S. San Martin

Amazing method to let the kids develop their creativity without the traditional standards. Let them enjoy while growing the most important strength adults, miss.  AWESOME, don't lose the chance to try.

Sharon Lee
I was looking for art classes near me for a very long time and I couldn't find good quality art classes for my son. Now with Art at home, a lovely art teacher is coming to my place with wonderful art projects that my son loves. Highly recommended!

Hevila Cardeña

Fantástico método para aprender otro idioma y desarrollar la creatividad de los niños de una manera super divertida.
Es maravilloso ver la alegría y felicidad con la que va mi hijo a Creativity Art Workshops , y el cariño que tiene a Ale y David.


Creativity Art Workhops testimonials



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