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Online requirements:

At your place requirements:

  • Access to a computer or other device to use Zoom.us, and sufficient internet speed to stream video.

  • Set a tidy and clean space for your little one Creative club session. 

  • A good light is always important. 

  • Be ready 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

  • Download and print the activities PDF files from the virtual profile in advance. 

  • Remember this is a group class, so make it easy for the teacher. 

  • Follow the ZOOM link.

  • Stay with your kid at least the first 5 minutes to be sure everything works fine.

  • An empty area with good ventilation access.

  • Table & chairs.

  • Power plugs for lighting required for the session. 

  • Space available 10' earlier setting up.

  • Flexible to reschedule a missing lesson.

  • Booking by holiday terms

  • 1:1 private tuition cancellations with minimum 24-hour notice.