Could you draw us??

online lessons

Of course I could!!

1:1 Art course

Weekly Live sessions

Tailored  art programme for children and adults. You will learn different art techniques and styles by the hand of a professional artist. 

We will organise a virtual exhibition with the student's artwork at the end of the course

Art lessons

video tutorials

Creativity is a complicated skill that needs to be trained. For that reason, our Video Art tutorials go beyond the art techniques or art themes.

From classical art training techniques to the experience of your own artistic expression using all kinds of contemporary art tools.

  • 1:1 Weekly term-time lessons.

  • 60' minutes of Live-streamed classes.

  • Different art techniques and styles.

  • All levels.

  • Art material not included

  • Custom student profile and resources.

  • £38 p/student 1:1

  • £35 p/student (2 art students)

  • £30 p/student (3 art students)

  • More about this course HERE

  • Different art techniques and styles.

  • Art material included by order.

  • Themes or art techniques choices.

  • Drawing basics, charcoal, colored pencils, pen, and ink, pouring art, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, collages, art installation, professional photography, potter, oils and more... 


60 minutes session

All leves

Video tutorials

All leves


Students profile

Online Resources

Students profile

Free video tutorials

Live-streamed lessons with a native Spanish teacher. Children will learn well-structured, fun and creative lessons, including a private area with Spanish resources such as videos and songs.

1:1 Spanish course online

for kids


Guitar, piano, and ukulele online lessons taught by Ale & David, both professional musicians and art teachers. Fun and creative lessons with printable exercises and video links.​ 

1:1 Music Lessons

Guitar, ukelele & piano


  • Weekly term-time lessons.

  • 30'or 45 minutes of Live-streamed classes.

  • Vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

  • Speaking and interact in Spanish to become more confident and improve your communication skills.

  • Tailored Worksheets and student profile.

  • From 5 to 10 years old.

  • Spanish BOX kit not included.

  • From £18 p/student

  • Order a Spanish activity BOX from £25 HERE

30 minutes session



Student Profile

Free video tutorials

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Ukelele

  • Singing

30'or 45 minutes of Live-streamed classes.

From £18 p/student

1h each session

All leves

Online Resources

Student Profile



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