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In the beginning, Creativity ArtWorkshops idea emerged from a problem to be solved. How to teach arts in a different way, how to squeeze student's minds to discover their own solutions or creations thought the creative process. I had to sustain this talent with something powerful. A memorable art experience to enrich their thoughts leaving in their minds a seed full of confidence, courage, perseverance, patience, kindness and hundreds of good things art experience language gives us.

After a fantastic first art camp in Madrid with the sculptor David Llorente I  decided to move to London where I met David Saavedra. It was not a coincidence to met him, it was the perfect signal that our two minds should meet and build together this ambitious project.



  • Our own methodology. 

  • Access to the method for teaching staff.

  • Courses adapted to each age.

  • Innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Quality control in both teaching and learning.

  • A unique method to develop and improve creativity.

  • We offer clubs and classes for children in Reception to Year 8

  • Method to develop and improve creativity


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