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security measures and policies for the camp.

●  No Parents/carers are allowed beyond the front door.
●  Drop off and collection is limited to one parent/person per kid
 to limit the number of people congregating outside the venue.

●  When parents are waiting to drop off or collect their child, social distancing should be maintained at all times.
●  No bags, except lunch bags or objects other than clothing, to be brought into the class.

Please, do not ask us to keep your scooters or bikes!


●  Upon entry and exit, ALL children and Teachers will be thoroughly washing their hands and using antibacterial after.

● We will limit the amount of contact between children and teachers. 

● CAW Teachers will only attend a CAW Course if they are symptom-free, have completed the required isolation period, and achieved a negative test result.

● Teacher temperature checks will also be taken on arrival to work, one hour before the kids arrive.

● Children will not be permitted to bring items from home into the venue unless absolutely essential to their wellbeing. Where necessary, such items will be appropriately cleaned upon arrival. Keeping The Venue Clean


Should your household need to isolate in line with government guidance, please could we ask that you inform us immediately as we will need to inform other parents and arrange a deep clean of the hall. This may require us to close for a day.

●  All children and staff must thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival at the venue and frequently throughout the day, particularly before and after the loo, eating, and handling of any equipment.
●  All waste will be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner.
● Used personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. masks, gloves, aprons, etc. will be disposed of.
●  All activities will be risk assessed.
●  Children will not be permitted to bring items from home into the venue unless absolutely essential to their wellbeing. Where necessary, such items will be appropriately cleaned upon arrival.

Please leave at home all toys and unnecessary objects.
● CAW teachers will take daily responsibility for ensuring the venue is kept clean. This includes tables and chairs, doors and handles and that the loos are clean and tidy. The venue itself does employ its own cleaning staff too. Windows will be open where possible to ensure ventilation.


• In the event of a child developing symptoms of Covid-19 whilst attending a CAW’s camp, parents will be contacted immediately and must collect their child as soon as possible.
• The family will be advised to isolate at home in line with the NHS guidelines and not return to any of their booked courses until the isolation period is over and their child is no longer symptomatic.
• A child displaying virus-like symptoms whilst at a CAW’s course will be isolated with a staff member in a designated room or area. If possible, a window will be opened for ventilation.
• Suitable PPE will be provided to the colleague to safely isolate with the child. This includes a mask.
• Once the child has been collected, the area used to isolate the child will be thoroughly cleaned by a teacher wearing appropriate PPE.
• In the event a CAW Teacher develops Covid-19 symptoms whilst working at the camp, they will be provided with a mask to safely exit the building and advised to return home immediately.
• They will be reminded of NHS guidelines regarding isolation and personal care and not allowed to return to teach until the isolation period is over and they are no longer symptomatic.
• The Government encourages staff and children attending an Education or Childcare setting after June 1st  ​2020 to get tested if they display symptoms of Coronavirus.

For your information you may like to look at the following government guidance; . We will be following this guidance along with the policies stated above, obviously, all will be reviewed in line with any future government advice.


Huge thanks to you all, 

Ale & David

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Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

The following policies can all be viewed and download at our workshops or by contacting us at

We have 'Safeguarding and Procedures policies' in place to ensure our Workshops run safely at schools and private events.

Safeguarding Policy 

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Complaints Procedure:

All complaints are taken very seriously and will be investigated and responded to within 24 hours.

Phone: David Saavedra +44 7943704266 email: website: Address: 22a Leighton Gardens NW10 3PT London.

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