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Alexandra Soto


Alexandra Soto is a multifaceted artist, professional music & art teacher, singer-songwriter, painter, designer, director and co-founder of Creativity Art Workshops. Raised in a family of musicians and singers, she was trained from very early age in piano, cello and choir and she studied a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.

She has a long teaching experience career both in Spain and London creating in 2013 her own Educational Art Programme fro children.

She has been teaching drawing, painting, and experimental art for both adults and children encouraging independent creativity as much as practice of the traditional art. 


Her musical experience ranges from backing vocalist in a Gospel choir, lead singer of latin/jazz bands in London, composer and backing vocal arranger, to the realise of her first Album ¨Volver¨ with her project Lea Soto.


Her speciality is drawing and painting mixing abstraction and figurative art with a conceptual language and reflections on the collective imagination. 


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