“Why learn SPANISH through play“ 

The importance of active learning

Active learning means fully involving children in the learning process. To achieve this, we need to provide environments that appeal to all their senses, including visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile. Appropriate learning activities will include things like arts and crafts, chants, songs, rhymes, dances, games and videos.

Promoting learning through play

Play is a very significant part of what life means to children at this stage of their development. Our teachers should promote learning through play as much as possible. Games with flashcards, drawings, sculptures, songs, creative activities, and so on, are among the most exciting ways in which children learn. As well as encouraging active learning, they help develop social skills.

Encouraging children's creativity and imagination

It's important that we help young learners develop beyond mere language abilities. Creativity and imagination are part of their learning process and they need to be promoted by the teacher. Arts and crafts provide children with a good opportunity to use their imagination and creativity using their own ideas.


Developing children's social skills

Developing social skills is also very important at this learning stage. Children need to learn to socialise with each other, applying some important values such as respect and sharing. It is essential that the teacher explains why such values are important, and then constantly remind them of their importance when conflicts appear within the classroom.



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