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David Saavedra is a professional musician with a background both in audiovisual and arts. Writer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, infographist and music composer for TV and artist installations. He plays several instruments professionally, and he produces and arranges music.


He is also trained in Music therapy and communication in Autistic spectrum, and he coaches teachers and educators in this particular field. David also coach teen bands and children in music, art and improvisation, allowing him to further advance in the study and development of the education and the creativity process in art.


This chameleonic artist started teaching in 2003, converting the tuition world in an important part of his career. He is currently teaching in different centers and institutions as professor of music, guitar, and arts and he´s running his own creative educational art programme at Creativity ArtWorkshops.


David adds imagination and creation in real time to the Creativity ArtWorkshops, as well as versatility and the capacity of unlimited improvisation. 







" Creativity ArtWorkshops " is a creative educational art programme created by the artists Alexandra Soto and David Saavedra. This programme focuses on the development of the creative process and what we call "creative singularity". 


Our aim is to develop growth Mindset techniques focusing on the creative process encouraging our students to become more independent while also improving their problem-solving skills through the Arts. 

Each of us is born with an artistic sense unique and unrepeatable for what we investigate this singularity via creativity and artistic sense. Every child demonstrates a talent in a different way. Some think in 3D and others in 2D, some have pictorial minds and others think in a more analytical way. Because we are all different, we aim to find this talent and strengthen it through participation in the arts, enabling each child to use their creative singularity to find solutions, to be confident and enjoy the world of art.

We run activities such as Body Art, Land Art, Recycled Art, Shadow Puppets, Stop Motion, Light Painting, Urban Art, Cartoon & Comic, Portrait, Hand & feet Art, Creative Music, Songwriting and much more, where children learn to develop their creativity, initiative, imagination, emotional intelligence and the ability to think critically through activities inspired in the contemporary art.


We offer the option to have a Spanish full-immersion Creative Art Club, where the students learn a language and art at the same time in a fun and natural way.  READ MORE ABOUT WHY WE TEACH IN SPANISH & ENGLISH.

Our workshops are held in schools, nurseries, art galleries, museums and private events.


As defending improvisation theories of Bill Evans. You renounce your own personality when you are imitating others" 



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